3 Oklahoma Ants That May Be Inside Your Home!

Oklahoma is home to a wide variety of ants because of the unpredictable weather we have. Unfortunately, this unpredictable weather can lead to heavy rainfall that destroys the outdoor homes of ants leading them to head indoors in search of shelter and food. Here are 3 Oklahoma ants that you are likely to find inside your home this spring!

Red Pavement Ant

One of the most prolific ant species nationwide, the red pavement ant can typically be found swarming around sidewalk cracks or around your picnic or barbecue spread. Although this species of ant will eat nearly anything, they have a particular fondness for sweet, sugary foods that they can detect from a long distance that leads them indoors. Because red pavement ants are incredibly small and establish large colonies, you may need professional assistance to remove them properly.

Odorous House Ant

If you have ever seen a small black ant on your countertop and made the mistake of crushing it, you likely got the unpleasant smell of rotten coconut or other fruit. This species of ant will often establish their colonies in wall or floor voids if possible, making them very difficult to get rid of. If they do find their way in, your pantry may be their first target if foods aren’t properly stored in airtight containers.

Argentine Ants

Originally found in South America, the Argentine ant is an invasive ant species that has become a common nuisance pest over time. In many cases, this ant species will take over abandoned ant colonies and use them to build their numbers. Argentine ants are capable of breeding very quickly, leading a small population to become a large problem if left unchecked.

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