Avoid Expensive Damages; Get Termite Pretreatment

Hopefully, by now, everyone knows that termites cause costly damages to homes and businesses. They eat away at all sorts of structures and, if left alone over time, can be devastating. There are numerous ways to go about dealing with termites once you’ve been infested and countless other tactics you can employ to try an prevent getting termites.

The best investment when preventing termites from even getting a head start, is to treat the area of your home or business before it’s even built. We call this “pretreatment” and the cost is miniscule compared to the expense of fixing a house with termite issues.

Termite pretreatment for new construction is ideal when considering the life of a building and how long it will have to defend against termites. All of the other termite prevention options that exist out there simply won’t be as efficient as a termite treatment plan that was considered and started during the construction of the building. This is also the only time that a licensed pest control expert will be able to view all the weak points of a new building.

Many different pretreatment options will be considered depending upon the type of building structure that’s being protected. For example, the pretreatment plan for a home built on a slab will be different from a plan for a home that has a basement or a crawl space. Either way, we will spread the termite pretreatment into the soil under and around the building to create a chemical barrier that keeps termites away for years to come. The cost of a termite pretreatment will vary depending upon not only the foundation type of the building, but also the size of the building, the types of construction materials used, and how compacted the soil in the area is.

Along with termite pretreatment, we also highly recommend a continuous termite protection plan that includes the Sentricon System to ensure that you are guarded against termites in the years to come. Call us for more information on the various forms of termite prevention that we offer. If you’re in the Tulsa area (including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, Sand Springs, and more) call us at 918-663-0613. If you’re in the Oklahoma City or Stillwater area then please call 405-634-4088. You’re also welcome to contact us on Facebook or on Google+.

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