Cleaning Before Spring Prevents Pests

During the winter, many potential pests will be overwintering and several could already be within your home. When the weather begins to warm consistently and spring is finally here, these pests will begin to emerge. For this reason, it is important to start preparing for spring pests now.

By performing pre-spring cleaning, homeowners can help make their home less attractive to potential spring pests. This process will not only prepare your lawn for the season but ensure you are limiting pest activity. For added protection, homeowners can have Emtec Pest Control treat their lawn and home.

Remove Water

Many different pests thrive in areas with heavy moisture and water availability. With the rain and mild snow we have had this winter, some lawns may be pooling water. Filling in any areas that are retaining water, especially near the home, will help remove this crucial need for many pests.

Clear Debris

Many pests will lay eggs in piles of leaves or wood, making them a very dangerous thing to leave near your home. Termites and ants are also attracted to wet piles of wood, which can make your home attractive if the wood is nearby. Clear all leaves and debris from your yard and store firewood at least 20 feet from the exterior of the home.

Fill Holes

During the winter, excess water can lead to potential damages around window frames and your home’s exterior. Inspecting your home for potential entry points for pests is absolutely critical before spring arrives. Any holes or cracks that are found should be filled with caulk to make pests less likely to be able to enter.

By following these tips homeowners can rest easier knowing they have invested in the protection of the home. With pre-spring cleaning, the likelihood of experiencing a pest infestation will be much less pressing. Clean now and enjoy the weather spring brings!

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