Common Oklahoma House Spiders

Oklahoma is home to hundreds of spider species. We have common species such as garden spiders, but Oklahoma is also home to two venomous spiders that are harmful to humans: the black widow and the brown recluse.

Besides those two spices, most spiders are harmless and beneficial for your home and the environment. They help eliminate insects that could carry diseases and destroy your lawns, gardens, and crops. They are also important food for birds, rodents, and more. Therefore, allowing them to live in or around your home would be beneficial for your environment. However, it is understandable that most people want to get rid of them.

It is essential to distinguish if you are dealing with common home spiders or an invasion. House spiders are more likely to be born there, meaning they have never been outdoors. They have survived your home by hiding most of the time in secluded spaces such as storage areas, wall and floor voids, and behind furniture or appliances. It is common to encounter them during fall since it coincides with their mating season.

Brown Recluse

These house spiders are separated into two categories:

Hunting spiders

The most common spiders in Oklahoma are wolf spiders. They are nocturnal and easy to find during chilly weather. They are brown or gray, and hairy with a pattern of lines in their fur. Wolf spiders are typically found outside of a home, but they can venture indoors in search of bugs or other food sources that might be available.

wolf spider

Web-Building Spiders

Garden spiders are the most common web-builders in Oklahoma. The Argiope is the most frequently encountered, recognized by its yellow, orange, black, or silver marks. Their bodies can reach up to an inch in diameter. These spiders create extensive labyrinth webs found in trees, shrubs, lights, and porch posts.

Garden spiders

Other species of spiders found in Oklahoma homes are:

Black Widow

The Black Widow

This Black Widow is a venomous spider. This species is black and easily recognizable by the red hourglass shape mark on their ventral abdomen. These spiders are technically house spiders and reclusive. They are often calm but will bite if they feel threatened. Their venom can cause severe nausea or vomiting, difficulty breathing, severe abdominal pain, excessive sweating, weakness, and more.

Triangulate Cobweb Spider

The Triangulate Cobweb Spider

Also known as Steatoda Triangulosa, the Triangulate Cobweb Spider is a small spider of a one-quarter inch length. The Triangulate Cobweb Spider is thought to be native to Eurasia but was introduced into the United States hundreds of years ago. They have long legs and often have a purplish mark on the abdomen. While they are likely to be seen around a home, this spider is non-threatening and insignificant for homeowners.

brown recluse spider

The Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse can live indoors or outdoors. As its name suggests, this species of spider is reclusive and prefers to be left alone. Its small and flat body allows it to fit in many places. They often run away from humans, it is not recommended to try and touch them since their venom can cause necrosis, fever, chills, nausea, pain, and more.

Evict Spiders from Your Home

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