Dampwood Termites Begin Swarming

Typically found within the western states, dampwood termites are an important economic pest. Unlike typical subterranean termite colonies, this species tends to maintain relatively small colony structures. Most often dampwood termites will be found within decaying logs and other decaying wood materials. When rain periods come to an end and the fall months begin, termites can be found swarming in hopes of successfully reproducing.

Dampwood termite infestation within homes is very unlikely because they reside in and feed on wood that contains high moisture levels. Most homes don’t retain water within the structure because the wood is treated, meaning the food supply dampwood termites thrive on is unavailable. However, if the home has significant water damage and wood rot infestation is possible.

Signs of dampwood termite infestation can manifest in a variety of different forms. The most common signs of infestation are small swarms of flying termites and the presence of fecal pellets. Unlike the dry, defined pellets left behind by subterranean termites, dampwood termites tend to have moist, unshaped pellets. It is uncommon to notice the damage that is caused by dampwood termites because workers will plug wood holes with feces.

When dealing with an infestation of dampwood termites, correcting moisture issues should be a number one priority. Dampwood termites require adequate moisture levels within the wood they inhabit or they will dehydrate and die. Sources for excess moisture may include leaking pipes, damaged gutters and air conditioner lines that are producing condensation.

Termiticide may be used in extreme cases when the moisture levels cannot be corrected. The biggest concern with this method of extermination is that the chemicals may be diluted by the water content that is causing the infestation and therefore not be as effective. The most effective termite control available for dampwood termites is often just replacing damp, rotten wood to remove the initial issue.

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