Examining the Flea Life Cycle

One of the biggest problems pet owners face in the spring is the massive influx of fleas. To fully understand how to remove fleas from your home, it is important to understand the life cycle of these common pests. Depending on which cycle the flea is in, different prevention methods may be necessary.

There are four distinct life cycle stages that a flea will go through. Depending on the environmental conditions, this life cycle can range anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Spring temperatures provide an optimal condition for fleas in Oklahoma because temperatures remain mild and humidity is plentiful.

Egg Stage

The first stage in the life cycle of a flea is the egg stage. Following a blood meal, fleas will lay small, white eggs into the fur of a pet. The eggs will then be shed around your home as the pet moves around. Within two days to two weeks, the eggs will hatch with the right environmental conditions.

Larvae Stage

Once these eggs hatch, blind larvae will emerge. During this stage, fleas will avoid light and develop for several weeks on pre-digested blood passed organically or by adult fleas. The average flea larvae can measure up to a quarter-inch long and have a white, legless appearance.

Pupal Stage

During this stage, fleas will cocoon for protection for several days or weeks to reach the adult stage. If environmental conditions are not met for emergence, this phase can last months, or rarely, years. The cocoons created by fleas during this stage have a sticky outer coating that binds to the carpet and other surfaces, making them hard to sweep or vacuum.

Adult Stage

In this final stage, the adult flea will emerge from the cocoon and search for a host to feed on. This is important because female fleas need to feed before they can restart the life cycle and lay eggs. Less than 5 percent of the fleas within the home. However, they are the most easily noticed because of their nuisance behaviors.

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