Insect Problems Triggered by Recent Flooding

Flooding from record rainfall this weekend turned streets into rivers in a lot of areas across Oklahoma. Hundreds of people across the state are dealing with flooded homes and properties, but they may not be fully aware of all the repercussions that can follow. One often overlooked effect from storm damage and severe flooding is the increase of pests. Everything from insects to wild animals can be found in and around homes after property has been compromised. Unfortunately insects and small animals need refuge just like the rest of us. When their habitats are destroyed by floods, pests will seek shelter for protection from the elements. Alas this shelter sometimes ends up being your home.

Here are some common insect problems triggered by flooding:


Flooding can displace previously treated soil or cover it with silt deposits creating access for termites to invade your home. Flooding in crawlspaces can also make conditions that are conducive for termites. Once waters have receded, it’s time to re-inspect your property and retreat the area for termites.


The streets of our neighborhoods weren’t the only places that were flooded, the underground tunnels of ant colony nests were also overflowing. When water flushes the ants out of their nest, the colony looks for the closest dry ground, which can lead to them invading your house. Colonies of fire ants have been known to cling to each other in a big clump floating on top of floodwaters. Steer clear of any floating mats of ants that you might come across or else you could find yourself covered with many painful stings.


Cockroaches and water bugs live in sewer drains, crawl spaces, basements and cellars. Once water levels rise in these area, cockroaches will often climb up and out of pipes to infest homes. Sanitation is key when controlling a cockroach invasion. Eliminate any food or water source that they could easily access, dispose of your trash regularly, and always keep floors, countertops, and sinks clean.

Sometimes pest problems caused by flooding are just too much for you to handle by yourself. If that is your case, seek the help of the professionals from Emtec Pest Control at 800-522-4707.

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