Interesting Facts About Pill Bugs

Nearly every individual within Oklahoma has had some form of contact with a pill bug. Though the pill bug goes by many different names- roly-poly, wood louse, armadillo bug, potato bug- these misunderstood creatures are fascinatingly unique. The pill bug is harmless to humans and is most often removed from homes because it attracts other dangerous insects, like spiders and scorpions.

Though commonly identified by many as insects, pill bugs are actually a terrestrial crustacean. The pill bug is the only crustacean in existence that can spend its entire life on land. These creatures use gill-like structures within their body to exchange gases but cannot survive being submerged underwater. For these reasons, they are more closely related to crayfish and shrimp than any other type of insect.

As with any other animals, the pill bug is capable of contracting viral infections. The most common virus contracted by these creatures is iridovirus. When the pill bug contracts iridovirus, crystals begin forming underneath the exoskeleton. This process results in the pill bug taking on a hue of blue or purple, instead of the natural brown or earthy color.

Pill bugs typically will eat microorganisms, but also rely on eating their own feces for sustenance. Once a pill bug defecates, it loses copper. Since copper is an essential element for the survival, they engage in coprophagy, or the act of eating feces. This practice helps maintain copper levels within their body to extend life cycles.

When lifeforms convert waste into urine it takes on a high form of ammonia. Pill bugs have developed a unique tolerance to ammonia that allows them to pass this waste directly through their exoskeletons. This means that pill bugs never have to urinate!

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