Less is More When Dealing With Termites

We’ve all heard the saying “Less is More” and it has never been more true. The simplicity of a baiting system offers a greater value, a more long-term solution, and a better way to deal with termites then a liquid barrier treatment. There is a debate in the pest control industry concerning which method of termite treatment is superior to the other. We’ll let you be the judge and break down some of the facts for you.

Traditional liquid termite treatments involve creating a chemical barrier in the soil around the foundation of a building. This process requires many gallons of pesticide solution to make a continuous wall around the affected area which can have a negative impact on the environment. Liquid chemical treatments are very difficult to apply without leaving gaps in the barrier. In order to make a liquid barrier effective, it is necessary to dig a trench around a building’s foundation and in some cases, to actually drill through brick and concrete to make the line of barrier unbroken. This process takes several hours of preparation before the pesticide can even be applied. Liquid termite treatments also degrade over time and are not designed to eliminate the colony, leaving an opening for termites to return. A greater amount of pesticide used plus a large effort to make it actually effective does not equal more results when dealing with termites.

On the other hand, a termite baiting solution like the Sentricon® System is a revolutionary way to handle termites that is less hassle, requires less active ingredient, and is far less intrusive. A professional pest control technician from Emtec will assess your property, install bait stations around your property, and monitor the system to ensure its effectiveness. The thoroughly tested and proven Sentricon® System requires just a few grams of the active pesticide ingredient only when and where termites are actually present. This removes the potential danger to run-off water or well contamination. Because there is no digging, no drilling, and no odor, baiting is also considered less invasive compared to other methods. Clearly less is more when dealing with termites, so contact the qualified and certified professionals from Emtec Pest Control at 918-663-0613 to start protecting your property from

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