Mosquito Myths Debunked

The mosquito has been an incredibly feared pest since the announcement of the West Nile Virus and then Zika more recently. Because the pest has been hyped up for years, many common misconceptions have been accepted as reality. These are the most common myths that revolve around mosquitoes.

Both Genders of Mosquitoes Bite

This myth is common and will usually cause an individual to swat a mosquito on site. However, the only mosquitoes that bite are females, and for good reason. This is due to their unique breeding cycle that requires the protein found in the blood of mammals to produce eggs.

Bat Boxes Can Remove Mosquitoes

Though it has been proven that bats feed on mosquitoes, they are not a high priority on their food list. More often, wild bats will feast on beetles, moths and other insects when available before resorting to mosquitos. In fact, the mosquito makes up less than one percent of a bat’s diet.

All Mosquitoes Drink Blood

Of the nearly 3,500 species of mosquitoes that exist in the world, a good sum does feed on blood from various mammals, reptiles and birds. However, there are species of mosquito that feed solely on the nectar of flowers. For this reason, this is considered a myth.

Blood Type Draws Mosquitoes

Many people will justify their mosquito bites by implying they have sweet blood or a certain blood type. Research has shown that neither of these factors contributes to the susceptibility of being bitten by a mosquito. Because the mosquito is only seeking the protein from the blood, they aren’t concerned with the sugar content.

We hope this has helped you understand the mosquito better and answered some of the questions you may have previously had. Remember, the possibility of contracting mosquito-borne diseases is still a reality. Utilizing an effective mosquito repellent during the upcoming seasons will ensure your safety.

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