Prepare for Spring Spiders with Winter Pest Control

While many Oklahoma homeowners may be enjoying the reprieve they have had from a variety of pests this winter, it is important to start preparing now to avoid potential problems that may occur in the spring. Even now, millions of spiders statewide are waiting in eggs to hatch with the return of warmer months. In this article, we will look at what happens to spiders during the winter and some great reasons why now is the best time to invest in pest control for spring spiders. 

What Happens to Spider During Winter? 

Spider eggs are unable to survive in harsh weather and any freeze could kill the hatchling before they can emerge. To combat this problem, many species of spiders have developed creative ways to ensure their eggs are not subjected to freezing temperatures. For instance, many adult spiders have developed the ability to produce antifreeze compounds within their body similar to the products that are used inside of a car. Once these compounds build up within the tissues, it lowers the body temperature required for the spider to freeze. 

Spiders will often behaviorally find shelter as temperatures start to drop in places like leaf litter or woodpiles; however, many will also try to enter a home for the consistently warm temperatures that they provide. This shelter combined with the ability to create antifreeze compounds helps keep adult spiders alive during the winter. As you might imagine, homeowners that find a spider and humanely put it outside during the winter are often giving it a death sentence – even if that was not their original intent. Once the winter has ended and spring arrives, eggs that were created during the fall will hatch and introduce a large number of new spiders to the location they have been dormant in. 

How Does Winter Pest Control Help with Spring Spiders? 

When spring arrives, it will inevitably come with an increase in temperature and the growth of new, beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, this also means that insects will start looking for food and new nesting locations as they start the reproduction process. The larger population of insects you see, the more likely it is that an equally large population of spiders is lurking nearby to feed on them. Eliminating all pests with winter pest control can help lay the framework for decreased pest pressures and simultaneously remove the food that emerging spiders will have available. 

Hiring a professional pest control provider to ensure winter pest control treatments are done effectively is extremely important for any homeowner that wants to eliminate pest infestation chances in the spring. Decluttering before the arrival of spring is also a great way to eliminate potential hiding spots that spiders may be using during the winter. By simply removing their hiding spots and potential food sources, most homeowners will see great results and can significantly keep spiders away from their home year-round. Just because it is cold outside does not mean that your home or business is protected from potential pest problems. Contact Emtec Pest Control today or call us at (918) 663-0613 to schedule your free inspection! 

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