Spring Brings Spiders, Prepare Now!

Did you know that during the fall spiders will enter your home for shelter during the winter? Unfortunately, this means that when temperatures begin to warm in the spring, spiders will start coming out from their hiding spots in your home. Even worse, an army of spiderlings could be in tow.

Though you may not see spiders during the winter, they are assuredly still there. Spiders are mostly nocturnal and will begin hunting for insects or other spiders to feed on throughout the night. However, with warmer temperatures, they will become bolder as their previously cold-induced, stiff movement begins to relax.

During the spring, insects will be plentiful. With so many different bugs appearing, spiders will find no shortage of food during the spring. This can lead to a sudden influx of spiders not previously seen during the preceding months. If these bugs happen to be in your home, it is unlikely they will have much incentive to leave.

It is important to ensure your home is ready for the sudden influx of spiders, and other pests, that accompany the arrival of spring. As with other household pest prevention steps, there are many things you can do to protect your home. These steps include:

  • Fill Cracks – Insects and spiders not already in the home will often find their way in through cracks or holes that exist in the foundation of a home, windows or doors. This can add to the food sources of the spiders already inside. Fill these holes with caulk or replace weatherstripping as needed.
  • Limit Outdoor Lighting – It’s no secret that many pests are attracted to lighting. By limiting the amount of outdoor lighting, you will also make your home less attractive to pests. Use outdoor lighting only when necessary and limit the amount of light seeping through windows at night.
  • Decrease Clutter – Spiders are notoriously good at hiding. By having a cluttered home, the number of hiding spots they can utilize increases. This can also add to their food sources as other pests enjoy the clutter for the same reason.

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