mosquito season

When Does Mosquito Season End in Oklahoma?

Although temperatures have started to drop in recent weeks, we still haven't reached our first freeze that inevitably slows down a majority of pests synonymous with summer. Unfortunately, this can often include mosquitoes that find their way indoors and create...
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What’s The Buzz? The Return of Spring Mosquitoes

Following recent rains, you may be seeing a familiar pest that disappeared once the cold weather arrived. Generally considered one of the most unliked pests in the world, pesky mosquitoes are quickly making themselves known across Oklahoma this year. If...
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Look Out Oklahoma, It’s Officially Mosquito Season!

Many areas have experienced a lot of flooding lately which leads to an abundance of standing water, and with the temperatures getting warmer, it makes for the perfect mosquito breeding conditions. Some mosquito control experts are predicting mosquito infestations to...
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