Termite Season Peaks in April

Most homeowners and business owners in Oklahoma know the importance of termite control. While the presence of termite swarms may signify that termite season is reaching its peak, that doesn’t negate the fact that termites could be damaging a structure year-round – no matter what the weather conditions may be. 

April is often considered the month that termite season peaks. During the spring, most subterranean termites will begin swarming to establish new colonies shortly after rainfall. In most cases, this is the most visible sign of a termite infestation, making a keen eye and proven termite treatments most important when termite season peaks in April. 

What is a Termite Swarm? 

While hundreds of swarming termites may seem like a concept out of a horror movie, it is a common occurrence that ensures these persistent pests’ survival. When swarming begins, alates will venture out of a nest and try to squeeze through cracks and crevices in search of new nesting locations. Unfortunately, this happens to be windowsills, foundational cracks or other outdoor crevices attached to a home.  

If a swarm happens to emerge during the night, outdoor light fixtures may also attract them as well as indoor lights that are visible through windows. Any signs of termites or a visible swarm of alates during termite season could signify a much larger problem, primarily since most termite swarms will only occur once an existing colony has reached a certain size.  

Stop Termites Before It Is Too Late 

Your home is likely the most significant investment you have ever made and the last thing you want is for millions of small termites to cause devastating or irreparable damages. At Emtec Pest Control, we have provided high-quality termite elimination and protection for over 35 years. Our office is always staffed with experts ready to answer your questions and respond to your needs. 

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Why Do Termites Swarm? 

Most termite colonies will swarm once annually. When this occurs, hundreds of winged termite alates will leave the existing nest to reproduce and expand the territories that they utilize. In most cases, launches will be done by different groups over a few days. Initially, one large release will occur first, with other smaller releases following.  

Termite swarms will often contain both males and females that live near the soil to wait until conditions are ready for them to take to the air. Once paired, couples will shed their wings and mate. If a new nest location is available, they will then settle in that location to build a new colony. If this happens to be the same structure as the previous colony, it could potentially mean much more damage is being done at all times. 

Since termite season peaks in April and the spring months, these swarms will be much more visible during these periods. In most cases, termites will begin swarming after fresh rainfall because of the moisture content it provides to them. Working with a professional pest control provider during termite season can help ensure that your home or business remains protected from these destructive pests at all times. 

When to Call a Professional 

While termite control is essential year-round, ensuring your home is protected during the spring termite season should be a priority. If you are ready to get serious about termite control for your home, give your local Certified Sentricon® Specialists a call. Our experts can evaluate your home or business to recommend the best treatment option and provide a written proposal describing in detail the service that will be provided and the total cost for the service. You can schedule your FREE, no-obligation inspection today online or on the phone. 

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