Termite Swarm Season Forecast and Evidence

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, warmer weather is forecasted for Green Country in the coming weeks. We will likely still be in the midst of the termite swarming season this May, but when June comes around, as the temperatures rise, we will start to see that the extreme swarming has crept northward and Oklahoma’s swarm season is close to its end. Though, this also means that the evidence of “worker” termite damage will be more visible in the area. Unfortunately, we don’t have an official “termite” season with a set beginning and end, as termites are active year-round. Subterranean termites do not forage for food when the soil is too hot or cold. They use their shelter or nests to protect them during harsher weather. An environment with a regulated temperature, like homes and basements, provide the perfect refuge from seasonal weather changes.

Termites in Thailand
Close up termites or white ants in Thailand

Do you suspect your property may have termites? Look for gossamer wings littered on your window sills, porch, deck, sidewalks, or little piles of sawdust anywhere in or around your property. Mud tubing found on foundation walls or on drywall could be an indicator of termites. Long strips eaten out of outdoor wooden fencing, siding, trim around doors and windows, and the like, are some obvious signs that you’re dealing with termites. They can even be indoors eating away at your baseboards!

Traces of termites on old wood background.
Termites on old wood background for decorate.

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