Tips for a Pest-Free Summer BBQ

With the welcome arrival of long summer days and Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year for barbeques, picnics, and tailgate parties. Attracted by the smell of delicious food and drinks, uninvited pests are known to crash outdoor parties and send guests running. Before you start firing up the grill, consider taking some preventative action against the summer pests in your area. We’ve compiled a list of tips that you can use to enjoy an insect-free setting for your next outdoor event.

To Do Before the BBQ

Wasp nest
Exposed paper wasp nest with wasps crawling over it.
  • Check screen doors, screen windows, and screen coverings for any holes or tears that could allow entry to unwanted insects and repair them.
  • Certain types of light bulbs will attract insects, so use low pressure and sodium vapor lights outdoors.
  • Many insects are attracted to fragrances, so avoid using sweet-scented items like candles and instead use candles that are scented to repel insects or use citronella oil in your outdoor torches.
  • Make sure your lawn is mowed short, your flower beds are weeded, and your shrubs are groomed to prevent snakes and a variety of insects from moving in.
  • Use a homemade garlic spray on plants, shrubs, flowers, and grassy areas to repel insects.
  • Create an ant-free zone by sprinkling a border of baby powder or corn starch around your picnic table. Ants won’t cross the line!
  • Remove any pet food or any fruit that has fallen from trees that might attract insects.
  • Thoroughly inspect for wasp nests under porches, patios, decks, eaves, grills, playground equipment, etc. and get rid of them.
  • Consider hiring a professional pest control company like Emtec to come out and spray the area you plan to use for guests.

To Keep on Hand During the BBQ

Wedding Drink Jars with Yellow
A diy wedding project included these mason jars covered with yellow fabric for the reception guests.
  • Use covers on your food until just before it is time to eat in order to limit the smells that insects are drawn to.
  • If possible, use cups with lids or bottles with twist off caps so that sweet, sugary drinks aren’t left open to attracts wasps and flies. Or at least try to provide clear plastic cups for your guests to use as aluminum cans and open bottles that you can’t see through are good hiding spots for flying insects.
  • Keep your trash can near enough so that you can regularly dispose of trash, but also far enough away from guests as trash bins can attract flies and other bugs. Additionally, be sure to continuously clean up any trash, crumbs or spills from the area.
  • Use box fans to not only cool the area for your guests, but because flying bugs hate breezes.
  • Pour some red wine into a few cups and place them surrounding your gathering area to attract any lingering fruit flies and keep them away from the actual glasses of wine that your guests drink from.

At Emtec Pest Control, we are committed to safe and responsible pest control. We understand that your family’s safety is your number one priority, so we make it our priority, too. If you have any other questions about any of these pests or pest control for your home or business, contact your Oklahoma pest control experts at Emtec Pest Control by calling us or by filling out our online contact form. Our service areas in Northeast Oklahoma include Bixby, Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Owasso, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Skiatook, Stillwater, Tulsa and the surrounding areas. In Central Oklahoma, we service Edmond, Moore, Oklahoma City, Yukon and the surrounding areas. You can also connect with us on social media for more helpful pest control tips and information. We are on Facebook.-