Top 5 Do It Yourself Pest Control Tips

#5 Tip

Always be on the lookout for standing water in your yard and get rid of it. Check for hollows and pockets of old rainwater in the ground, gutters that aren’t properly draining, birdbaths or other containers (like barrels, buckets, flowerpots, trashcans, etc.) where water has sat for too long, even children’s toys that have been left outside can collect water.

#4 Tip

Think of plants as small bridges that pests can cross to enter your home, so maintain a “plant-free zone” around your home. Prune all trees back at least a few feet from your roofline and prune shrubs around 12 to 18 inches away from your foundation. Don’t allow mulch, grass, leaves, or other clutter to be right against the side of your home. If you have a stack of firewood outside, make sure it isn’t next to any walls, preferably stored off of the ground if possible.

#3 Tip

Garbage containers that are stored outside need to be latched securely and kept several feet away from the house. Trash also needs to be removed regularly, preferably twice per week. Take a good look at your indoor trash cans and recycling bins as well. They should have tight-fitting lids or should at least be stored inside closed cabinetry.

#2 Tip

Pet food should not be left exposed for extended periods of time inside or outside of your home. Train your animals to eat once or twice daily and then remove their food when they are finished. Pet food should be stored in a hard plastic or metal tamper-proof container.

#1 Tip

Always clean up food messes. Whether food debris from meal preparation or crumbs left around eating areas or dirty dishes in the sink, it all needs to be clean up as soon as possible. Wipe down your counters and tabletops, cleaning under any appliances or items that are located on top. Keep a clean floor by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. And just do the dishes!

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