Top 6 Mistakes Made by Homeowners When Dealing With Termites

Termites are hungry creatures. All termites eat cellulose in its various forms as plant fiber; like wood, cotton, and paper. Cellulose is the most plentiful organic compound found in nature and your home is full of it; making your home a veritable smorgasbord for termites. Many homeowners don’t realize that quite a number of, what would seem ordinary, things actually invites termites to come into their property. Here are our top 6 mistakes that we’ve seen homeowners make when it comes to dealing with termites.

6. Not completely removing old tree stumps

Dead trees are highly desirable to termites and tree stumps are a perfect harboring place for them. When felling trees in your yard, be sure to completely remove the remaining stump and as much of the root system as you can. Otherwise that stump in your yard could serve as a launch pad for termites to infest your home.

5. Stacking firewood too close to the house

Many homeowners stack their firewood up against their houses for many reasons: to protect the wood from weather, to keep it close at hand when needed, and simply just to keep it out of the way. Unfortunately, doing so is like setting out a welcome mat for termites. These pests can burrow through the woodpile and right into your house.

Mulching around the Bushes
Mulching bed around the house and bushes, wheelbarrel along with a showel.

4. Using excess amounts of mulch

Termites love mulch! After all, it is made of wood and other plant cellulose. Mulch is known for holding in soil moisture, so it actually gives the termites an easy food source. When adding mulch to the flowerbeds around your home, make sure it isn’t piled up very high. If you use too much mulch near the foundation of a structure, it serves as a bridge for them to cross and enter.

3. Having untreated fencing next to the house

That new fence does its job of keeping the dog in the yard and snooping neighbors out of your business, but it could also be a point of entry for termites into your home. Make sure to use treated wood or vinyl fencing around your yard. If that’s not a possibility, then at least try to leave a space between the side of your home and a wooden fence.

2. Having structural contact with the ground

If any portion of your home has wood that comes into contact with the soil, then it is at risk for inviting termites inside. Check your porches, posts, and any other areas that may have wood touching soil.                                               

Emtec staff working in the house

1. Not having professional termite protection

Termites can be difficult to detect and can invade your home with little warning. They have the potential of causing thousands of dollars in damage. It takes a trained and experienced person to notice termite behavior and to come up with a termite protection plan suited specifically for your property. Have a professional pest control company like Emtec give your home a free inspection and let them help protect you from destructive termites.

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