3 Ways to Stay Pest-Free This Thanksgiving

3 Ways to Stay Pest-Free This ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many homes across Oklahoma will be filled with guests. However, this cheerful holiday season may draw in fall pests that you may not want to share your bountiful feast with. If you want to remain pest-free this Thanksgiving and throughout the winter months, here are 3 ways you can limit your chances of infestation.

Invest In Proper Food Storage

While it's incredibly easy to leave opened boxes of flour or stuffing in your pantry because they are dry-goods, they may be encouraging the arrival of pests that are looking for a free meal. To limit the access pests have to your foods, it is important to use air-tight containers that can seal properly. Even better, you will find that your foods don't go stale as fast!

Empty Trash Regularly

While having a lidded trashcan will typically be able to keep some pests from rummaging in your garbage, it is important to ensure that your trash is regularly being emptied to not allow rotting food to sit for extended periods. Once emptied, ensure that your trashcan remains as far from entryways into your home as possible to limit mice or other pests from finding their way inside.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

If you are planning on cooking a large meal for your family this Thanksgiving, you likely have already prepared yourself to make some messes in the kitchen. Whether you drop breadcrumbs or spill gravy, a wide variety of pests, including cockroaches, will be able to use them for their own Thanksgiving celebration. Take the time to thoroughly clean your kitchen to limit their access to these food options.

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