Plan for Spring Pest Control Now To Deter Unwanted Houseguests

Plan for Spring Pest Control Now To Deter Unwanted HouseguestsWith the first day of spring quickly closing in, many homeowners are beginning to plan for the arrival of unwanted pests. While the upcoming months will bring warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, these exciting changes are often overshadowed by the unanticipated return of common pests that have been dormant throughout the colder months. In this article, we will explain some of the reasons you should consider planning for spring pest control now and examine some of the likely bugs you will soon encounter.

Common Spring Pests

While there are a multitude of insects that will appear with the arrival of spring, there are some repeat offenders that will commonly require the assistance of a professional pest control company. When left without intervention, these pests can quickly reproduce and cause serious problems for homeowners and business owners. Some common pests you can expect include:

  • Termites - During the spring, termites will often begin to swarm following periods of rain. If seen around your property, it could mean termites are actively in your home already or could soon be. If you see a termite or evidence of termites, don't wait to contact Emtec Pest Control!
  • Ants - Because Oklahoma provides an optimal environment for ants during the spring, they will often become a huge problem as they forage for food indoors. Many ant species will create nests inside of wall voids, making them difficult to remove. If you see ants around your home or business, we can help!
  • Wasps - Although most wasp species will disappear during the winter, the arrival of spring will signal the start of them looking for new locations around your structure to build their nests. Because wasps can be aggressive, it's important to contact a professional for removal. Especially if you have a known allergy to wasp stings.
  • Fleas - Although fleas are active year-round for most of the United States, they are particularly troublesome in Oklahoma during the spring months. If you have pets, it is important to ensure your yard has been treated for these pesky pests. Otherwise, you could be itching for pest control services before you know it.

Planning for Spring Pests

While there are many different factors that contribute to the arrival of pests in a home or business, there are often common steps that can be taken to exclude them from the property. To get started, take the time to take advantage of the frequent warm days that occur and inspect the outside of your structure for potential entry points that can be utilized by pests including window and door frames. Correct any issues that are found by sealing the cracks with an approved product.

Leaky pipes can often serve as a beacon for pests because they require a consistent supply of water to flourish in the wild. However, because homes and businesses provide shelter from the elements and potentially limitless food choices for pests, they are a prime target for infestation in the upcoming months. For this reason, it is important that you store food in an airtight container while also checking water pipes for leaks that can be utilized by pests. This will ensure that you aren't providing a hospitable environment for pests that are looking for a free meal.

Having pests return to your home each spring can be disheartening. If your property has common pest problems, it may be time to invest in preventative pest control services from Emtec Pest Control. Not only is this one of our most effective service options, but it's also the most affordable. If you are ready to take control of your home and limit pests with spring pest control, let us help with regular treatments to help keep common pests like cockroaches, ants and mice away.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Pest Control?

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