3 Common Spring Pests and the Best Ways to Avoid Them

3 Common Spring Pests and the Best Ways to Avoid ThemWhile spring is most notable for its warmer weather and extensive impact on flower growth, it also signals the beginning of pest season. While many different pests will likely begin making their presence known, there are a few more notorious offenders that you should be looking out for. During the upcoming month, these dangerous and common spring pests can wreak havoc without the proper precautions in place.


Often considered the most serious pest that makes itself known during the spring season, ticks are capable of transmitting a wide variety of diseases that can be harmful or fatal for both humans and animals. Ticks are a common pest across the entirety of the United States and Oklahoma is no stranger to their presence. For this reason, doing everything in your power to limit exposure to these dangerous pests is critical.

Ticks can easily attach themselves to a host without any warning. As they make contact with skin, they will latch on to begin enjoying a blood feast, making it difficult to successfully remove them without a great deal of caution. However, the longer you allow a tick to remain on your skin, the more you are at risk of infection. If a tick is found on your skin, prompt removal will help limit the impact it is able to have.


Although bees are typically prevalent during the spring months, they aren't nearly as troublesome as wasps. When wasps are disturbed or feel threatened, they will become extremely aggressive. And, unlike bees, wasps are capable of stinging a target multiple times without their stinger detaching. For this reason, having wasps around your home if you are allergic to them can be a perilous situation.

If you find wasp nests on your property during the spring months, it is imperative that you seek the help of a licensed pest control professional. Not only will this ensure the wasp nest is removed properly, but it will also ensure the safety of everyone that comes into contact with it. Trying to remove a wasp nest on your own can aggravate its inhabitants and lead to painful consequences.


Like ticks, mosquitoes have become well known in recent years for the wide variety of diseases and illnesses that they can cause. As cases of Zika begin to rise and other common diseases like West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever remain a threat, it is more important than ever to limit your exposure to these persistent and annoying pests. Fortunately, spending time outdoors doesn't have to be ruined by mosquitoes.

In most cases, the best defense that you can invest in is using a repellent product that contains DEET. While other options like citronella candles or sprays may seem like a great option, research has proven they aren't as effective as you might think. Limit stagnant water pools around your home to ensure mosquitoes aren't given a free breeding ground on your property.

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