Protect Your Home with Ant Control This Spring

Protect Your Home with Ant Control This SpringThroughout the springtime, many Oklahoma homeowners will begin seeing unwanted ants inside of their home looking for a free meal. With the variety of pest ant species found in Oklahoma, and the favorable conditions that make them flourish, now is the perfect time for homeowners to begin focusing on exclusion to keep these unwanted visitors out. If you have struggled with ants in the past, Emtec Pest Control can help with our effective Tulsa ant control services this spring.

While there are nearly 200 known ant species around the world, this region has experienced population booms of several species that are considered pests. And although each of the species of ant may appear similar, different ant control methods may be required to successfully remove them from your home. Here are some of the common ant species Emtec Pest Control can help remove:

  • Odorous House Ants - As their name implies, this ant species emits a rotten coconut scent when they are crushed. This happens because odorous house ants feed primarily on honeydew. However, following periods of rain in the spring, this species will venture inside homes in search of meats and grease to satisfy their hunger.
  • Red Imported Fire Ants - Although native to South America, red imported fire ants have become a real concern across the state of Oklahoma. As an aggressive species, disturbed red imported fire ants can deliver painful and repetitive stings. As omnivores, this species will typically seek out meats, grease or sugary substances.
  • Formica Ants - Many different ants can be found in the Formica genus. Mostly characterized by their affinity for sunlight, it is uncommon for large populations of Formica ants to be found indoors. Because many different types of ant species can be labeled as Formica ants, their diet can vary wildly.
  • Pavement Ants - Typically found nesting in sidewalk and driveway cracks, pavement ants can also find their way indoors. In many cases, pavement ants can be found outdoors eating living or dead insects; however, they prefer to eat greasy foods. While capable of stinging, pavement ants will generally avoid confrontation.
  • Little Black Ants - Even though they possess a stinger, the small size of little black ants make it hard for them to string humans. As a common pest in urban and industrial settings, little black ants will typically establish indoor colonies within walls or at carpet-wall junction points. As omnivores, little black ants will eat on nearly anything they are able to find.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Tulsa Ant Control?

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