I Saw Termite Swarmers! Now What?

I Saw Termite Swarmers! Now What?Now that spring is finally here, termites have already started swarming to establish new colonies. While this may seem early, it's a good indicator that termite activity will be much more noticeable this year than it was previously. In this article, we will explore what you should immediately do when you find termite swarmers on your property and the next steps that you should take to stay protected.

Why Do Termites Swarm in Spring?

After slowing down their productivity in the winter months, termites will be rejuvenated and ready to colonize new areas with warmer temperatures finally arriving. More often than not, these flying termite alates will be seen pouring out of rotted wood sources like dead trees or logs that were allowed to remain on a property. After successfully mating, these reproductive termites will shed their wings and begin growing their new colony.

What Does a Termite Swarm Look Like?

If termites swarm indoors, they will often be seen pouring out of small exit holes inside of the home that have been created by termite workers. However, this can also be seen outside if you are looking at the right time. In most cases, a termite swarm will last anywhere between half an hour to 40 minutes as they fly towards light sources. If these termite alates are unable to find soil, they will typically die within a few hours.

Although seeing dead termite swarmers inside of your home may seem like a good thing, these termites are only a small percentage of the population that may be hiding within the walls already. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't realize they have a termite problem until swarmers are present. Depending on how large the colony may be, there could still be millions of termites eating away at your home and causing extensive damage that may not readily be seen.

What Should You Do If You See Termite Swarmers?

As soon as termite swarmers are identified on your property, the first thing you should do is contact a termite control specialist to receive a termite inspection. This will help determine how severe the current problem is and help you create a plan to remove existing termites or keep them from reaching your structure. By remaining proactive, you can ensure that your home or business is safe from termite damages year round and avoid costly repair bills that may arise with their extended presence.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Termite Control?

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