What's The Buzz? The Return of Spring Mosquitoes

What's The Buzz? The Return of Spring MosquitoesFollowing recent rains, you may be seeing a familiar pest that disappeared once the cold weather arrived. Generally considered one of the most unliked pests in the world, pesky mosquitoes are quickly making themselves known across Oklahoma this year. If you hear a buzz while working on your garden or enjoying the outdoors this spring, there's a good chance it will be from a mosquito.

Although the significance of dangers associated with mosquitoes is often lost, you may be surprised to learn that they are considered the deadliest animals on earth. One reason for this is their ability to carry and transmit a variety of deadly diseases such as Zika and malaria. However, even your pets aren't safe from these persistent bloodsuckers since they carry lethal heartworms that can be fatal if untreated or undetected.

Under ideal conditions, adult mosquitoes can live up to half a year although many have their life swatted much shorter when they attempt to feed on human hosts. As you may already know, the only mosquito that feeds on people or animals are the females. This occurs because they need the proteins inside of blood to produce eggs; however, they will consume nectar like their male counterparts when they aren't producing eggs.

In most cases, mosquitoes will lay their eggs in pools of stagnant water. Unfortunately, this can be a real problem in Oklahoma following spring rains. If your yard pools water regularly or you have receptacles in your yard that could be holding water, mosquitoes could already be utilizing them. To limit the chances of spring mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun this season, removing these water sources quickly will help encourage them to move to a new location.

Mosquitoes have always been a problem in Oklahoma because of the weather patterns we are subjected to throughout the spring. Although completely removing these pests from your property may not be achievable without the use of extensive chemicals, wearing an approved repellent that contains DEET has been determined the most effective. Staying conscious of your surroundings and taking the necessary precautions will ensure you and your family are protected from spring mosquitoes.

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