Pests to Watch for After a Storm

Pests to Watch for After a StormWith the recent storm activity we've been having, there's a good chance that you have seen an increase in the number of pests that are making themselves known. As the ground becomes saturated with water, many subterranean dwellers will begin working their way indoors in search of shelter and food. In this article, we will look at some pests you are likely to see after a storm.


After a storm, water puddles that have formed will create the perfect environment for mosquitoes to deposit their larvae. If these water puddles are left, they will continue to provide a suitable environment for mosquitoes to flourish and explode in population on your property. Removing standing water before mosquitoes can breed will limit the chances of their presence.


Perhaps the most common pest to see following torrential rain, these subterranean dwellers will often find gaps that lead into your home when water levels start to rise. In most cases, ants will be found after a storm pouring into cracks around doorways or windows because of the easy access they provide to dry shelter. Finding and sealing these small cracks will ensure your home is less likely to be the target of an ant invasion.


Rodents will often live in small burrows or storm drains outdoors; however, although they are great swimmers, they will prefer to find higher ground that stays dry throughout the rain periods. Unfortunately, once they establish themselves indoors, they aren't likely to leave. For this reason, it is important to contact a pest control professional at the first sign of rodents indoors.


Flooding will typically lead to the drowning of plants and the death of some wild animals. When this happens, it creates an ideal breeding ground for flies because they favor unsanitary conditions for many different species of flies. Removing any organic decaying materials will limit the opportunities for flies to breed and ensure they don't find their way indoors when you open the door.

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