Why are Flies in my Yard?

Why are Flies in my Yard?There's nothing more relaxing than manning the grill during the summer season and enjoying the warmer temperatures. However, this experience can quickly be spoiled by the arrival of some opportunistic flies looking for a free meal. If you have asked yourself "Why are flies in my yard?, here are some of the things that could be attracting them.

Pet Feces

It can sometimes be a struggle to clean up after your pet until the waste they deposit has grown substantially. While mowing over dried feces can disperse it and help fertilize your lawn, this isn't a strategy you want to take if you have a fly problem. Cleaning up this feces regularly will eliminate the strong odor that attracts flies. Unfortunately, a neighbor that doesn't keep up with their pet's waste can also contribute to flies in your yard as well.

Unsecured Trash

Because flies are attracted to strong smells, garbage will often be a potential breeding ground for them that can quickly become overrun by maggots. As these maggots mature, they will begin to rise from that garbage and land on a variety of surfaces and foods you will ultimately come into contact. To avoid this cross-contamination, ensure your garbage can lid is secure and doesn't allow easy entry for these pesky pests.

Uncovered Foods

While a cookout will likely draw in a few flies, they won't stick around on a hot grill to partake of them. However, any food that isn't currently on the grill should be covered to limit the smell it gives off and protect it from wandering flies that are looking for a free meal. Remember, if a fly lands on your food, you are putting yourself at risk for contracting some pretty serious bacteria.

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