Preventative Pest Control Limits Fall Pests

Preventative Pest Control Limits Fall PestsWith summer officially winding down and school back in session, it's more important than ever to start preventative pest control to limit fall pests. As temperatures begin to drop, many different types of pests will start migrating indoors in search of a warmer nest to ride out the winter months. Unfortunately, if you haven't taken the necessary precautions, your home could be their next destination.

Even the smallest cracks around your home could be a potential invitation for cockroaches, rodents or any other number of pests. If you don’t invest in preventative pest control now, you may be dealing with a full-blown infestation by the time winter rolls around. But what steps can you take to ensure you are protected? While working with a pest control provider for preventative pest control services is the best approach, here are some steps you can follow to get started on your own.

  • Take advantage of the warmer temperatures to survey the outside of your home and look for cracks in the foundation, windows or doorways that need to be repaired. You may also be able to find gaps around water piping that need extra attention as well.
  • While summer may have been kind to your garden or surrounding shrubbery, these plants must be trimmed when the weather begins to change to eliminate hiding spots or transportation routes to your home.
  • Reducing clutter both in your home and garage will ensure that rodents don't have hiding spots or materials needed to create nests. Any cardboard boxes you may have from your recent Amazon purchases should be recycled and not left to sit for extended periods.
  • Keeping up with sanitation around your home will ensure that you aren't leaving behind food crumbs or spilled liquids that pests can use for food. Try to incorporate sanitation methods into your daily or weekly routine.
  • Finding and eliminating leaks that may be present around your home will ensure that pests don't have a consistent supply of water. Search under sinks in your kitchen and bathroom as well as your water heater for potential problems that need to be fixed.

By following these tips, you will be on your way to making sure no unwanted pests find their way inside your home in the upcoming months. However, for the most impact, Emtec Pest Control can provide preventative pest control treatments designed to remove any bugs that may currently be present and keep new ones from arriving. Even better, it's one of our most affordable service options!

Why Emtec Pest Control for Preventative Pest Control?

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