What's the Buzz with Fall Fly Control?

What's the Buzz with Fall Fly Control?Once the temperatures begin to drop and fall officially settles in, you likely begin seeing a large population of flies indoors. This occurs because they will typically enter heated structures to overwinter until spring arrives. Unfortunately, flies can repopulate quickly during this short period and quickly become a problem. Instead of reaching for the swatter each time one of these pesky pests is seen, here are some fall fly control tips you can use to protect your home.

While there are many different species of flies that can inhabit a home, the most common you will see when beginning fall fly control is the cluster fly. Unlike other species of fly, the cluster fly does not lay eggs on food sources eaten by humans and instead rely on earthworms for sustenance and burrow sites. However, knowing what fly species you are dealing with will help determine the appropriate treatment option to eliminate or deter them from sticking around.

As with any pest prevention plan, fall fly control requires increased attention on proper sanitation. This will typically include keeping trash cans sealed both indoors and outdoors as well as regular vacuuming or mopping depending on the flooring type you have. Any small sources of water or leftover food can turn into a beacon that draws in flies and encourages them to stay.

Once you have determined what fly species you are dealing with, take the time to inspect your home for any entry points that flies may utilize to get in. If you have a dog, this could be occurring simply because you let him or her out to go to the bathroom. In other instances, you may need to fill gaps in your doors and windows or repair screens that may be damaged.

Before investing in DIY treatments, consider whether you are prepared to put forth the effort needed to completely remove these pests from your home. If not, it may be beneficial to work with a pest control provider that can provide preventative pest control services throughout the fall season. If you are ready to get started, the Tulsa fly removal experts at Emtec Pest Control are here to help!

Why Emtec Pest Control for Fall Fly Control?

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