Fall Weather Brings New Pest Challenges

Fall Weather Brings New Pest ChallengesAlthough it can seem like the fight against pests is a year-round struggle, the arrival of fall weather will typically bring new pest challenges for homeowners. As colder temperatures become normal, a variety of insects will begin migrating to warmer places to wait out the winter. Unfortunately, without focusing on prevention during the upcoming months, your home may be their next target.

During the fall, the best offense will typically be a good defense as flies, boxelder bugs, stink bugs and ladybugs begin to cluster around the sun-facing areas of your home. If these happen to be doors or windows, it can become problematic since these pests aren't looking for anything but a warm place to wait out the winter. So what can you do to keep them from turning your home into a bed and breakfast for pests?

One of the most important steps to take when fall weather begins to take hold is to check your home's perimeter for any cracks or crevices that could give these bugs and easy way inside. In particular, pay attention to the spacing around windows and doors and caulk them as necessary while also checking that screens are secured tightly and don’t have any visible tears. Making it harder for these pests to get inside is critical for continued success.

Working with a pest control provider for preventative treatments can also ensure that you have the products and treatments in place to limit these pests not only during the fall months but year-round. However, if you plan on treating for these pests yourself, getting the timing right is critical if you want it to work properly. Sprays in most cases should be used only outdoors and any bugs that are found indoors should be transported out with a vacuum or broom.

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