Fall Pests in Oklahoma Begin Seeking Shelter Indoors

Fall Pests in Oklahoma Begin Seeking Shelter IndoorsWith fall officially here, we will begin seeing consistent drops in temperature as more and more leaves begin to gather on the ground. Unfortunately, this will start a mass migration of many fall pests in Oklahoma, including rodents, cockroaches and spiders, in which they will actively attempt to get indoors and begin building their nests for the winter. By investing in preventative pest control services now, you can begin fighting back against any of the pests on your property that are seeking shelter indoors.

As the weather begins cooling, the warmth that your home or business provides is just as alluring to fall pests as it might be to you. For instance, if it's snowing outside, getting inside a heated structure or turning on your car heater is likely one of your biggest driving factors. This is the same concept for pests; however, they must utilize the heat sources that we provide because they are unable to create them on their own in most cases.

How Are Fall Pests Dangerous?

While you likely already know some of the dangers associated with pests in your home, there are some distinct species you should keep in mind throughout the upcoming months. If they are found in your home or business, immediate removal by a pest control professional is critical for ensuring your home doesn't become overrun. Here are some dangers that fall pests in Oklahoma may cause:

  • Rodents - Mice and rats can cause extensive damage as they begin building their nests or chew through electrical wires. Even more dangerous, rodents are responsible for transmitting a wide variety of harmful diseases.
  • Spiders - While most spiders are considered fairly harmless, there are some exceptions that may require immediate action. This includes the brown recluse spider because they inject necrotic venom.
  • Cockroaches - Although universally considered disgusting, roaches are also capable of spreading disease through their droppings and saliva. Furthermore, these may cause allergic reactions as they build up in your home, particularly for young children.

Why Emtec Pest Control?

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