What Oklahoma Bugs are Most Active in October?

What Oklahoma Bugs are Most Active in October?Now that October is here, you may be preparing your house for the upcoming holidays. While insect decorations may be popular for Halloween, you likely don't want to have the real thing sticking around throughout the rest of the year. Before the cold weather finally hits and pests find their way indoors, here are some of the bugs that are most active in October across Oklahoma.


Perhaps the most troubling pest you could deal with during October, rodents are responsible for countless amounts of damage to homes each fall season. As these fur-covered pests seek warmth for the winter months, your home could be a fitting form of shelter. And, although they don't intend to harm you, their presence can be incredibly unnerving.


With warmer temperatures still the norm currently, ants are still a very common pest across Oklahoma. While many species of ant seemingly disappear during the winter months, they are actually still active. This happens because ants are exothermic, meaning their body movement is hindered when temperatures drop too low; however, they still continue working instead of hibernating.


As other pests start to make their way indoors, spiders will likely be right behind them. Other pests are the preferred food source for spiders and they are actually very adept pest control professionals. If you are currently seeing a large population of spiders in or around your home, the problem will likely continue into the upcoming months with little change.

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