When Does Mosquito Season End in Oklahoma?

When Does Mosquito Season End in Oklahoma?Although temperatures have started to drop in recent weeks, we still haven't reached our first freeze that inevitably slows down a majority of pests synonymous with summer. Unfortunately, this can often include mosquitoes that find their way indoors and create itchy, red bites as they search for a blood meal. But when does mosquito season end in Oklahoma?

While it may seem like there should be a set answer for that question, that isn't always the case. At the current time, more than 150 different mosquito species are active across the entirety of the United Stated and their hardiness to temperature swings can vary greatly. However, most evidence shows that mosquito season starts in mid-spring in Oklahoma and will typically end mid-fall as temperature overnight freezing becomes more common.

As temperatures consistently reach 50 degrees or lower, many non-hibernating species of mosquitoes will begin to die off. In fact, the first frost will generally be the clearest cut signal the mosquito season is finally coming to a close. It is worth noting, however, that warmer winter days may wake hibernating mosquitoes from their slumber then force them back into hiding once the colder temperatures return.

With the different variables that come into play to end mosquito season, finding an exact date or timeline can be tricky. But, armed with this information on the signals to look for, homeowners can make a more informed decision about the pest control needs they will have throughout the fall months. The most important thing to remember is to limit mosquito breeding grounds that may be present around your house until mosquito season has officially reached its close.

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