Have a Pest-Free New Year with Emtec Pest Control!

Have a Pest-Free New Year with Emtec Pest Control!With the new year in full swing, you are likely ready to start pursuing your resolution and make 2020 the year of positive change. However, if you are dealing with a pest problem in your home, there's a good chance that you can find it hard to keep your mind on staying positive and fully pursuing your goals. If you are ready to restore the comfort that a pest-free home provides this New Year, Emtec Pest Control can help with practical tips and affordable pest control services.

Invest In Preventative Pest Control

Whether you are finding one single type of pest around your home or have an infestation of several different types, the preventative pest control program from Emtec Pest Control was built with you in mind. This plan can help get rid of some of the most common pests in Oklahoma and ensure they don't come back. Even better, this is also one of our most affordable pest control plans available to help you have a pest-free new year.

Make Cleaning a Priority

No one likes to deep clean their homes regularly. In fact, this is one of the reasons that spring cleaning has become the time of year for everyone to declutter and clean their home as thoroughly as possible. However, this lapse in cleaning may be leaving behind food and shelter for unwanted pests and could help them get established in your home. Make it a habit to keep your home as clean as possible to not only remove pests but enhance your comfort.

Keep Your Yard Clean

If you have an unkempt yard throughout the year, you could be drawing pests to your property. This includes ignoring leaves and branches in your yard that have been there since the fall season. Keeping your yard clean and tidy is crucial for ensuring you don't become the next target of a pest invasion. Once you have cleaned your home and yard, the preventative pest control plan will make your efforts even more effective.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Preventative Pest Control?

Contact Emtec Pest Control today to rid your home or business of unwanted pests during 2020. Our technicians are licensed, experienced and ready to provide you with a completely free, whole home or business pest control evaluation. Emtec Pest Control exterminates unwanted pests all across Oklahoma. Our service areas include TulsaOwasso, Oklahoma City, Broken ArrowJenksBixbyStillwater and Sand Springs. If you are ready to get started or want to proactively treat for pests that may make their way inside of your home or business, give us a call at (918) 663-0613 or contact us today!