What Attracts Termites to Homes?

It is not uncommon for homeowners to believe that their home is protected from potential termite infestations during the winter. However, the current weather, whether hot or cold, has no real bearing on if your home is safe from the threat of termites. Let’s take a deeper look at what attracts termites to home and how you can make your structure less hospitable for these destructive pests.

Foundation Moisture

Termites typically prefer moist environments; meaning that leaky pipes and faucets that contribute to moist soil around the foundation of your home could be inviting subterranean termites to your home. For this reason, it is important to channel water away from your foundation through the use of functioning gutters and downspouts. The important takeaway from this is that the soil around the foundation of your home should have limited moisture whenever possible.

Dark, Undisturbed Places

Termites prefer to inhabit moist, dark places that are not typically disturbed, which is why they are usually not detected in homes until the damage becomes extensive. For this reason, termites will often enter the home through termite tubes that protect them from predators and sunlight. Any areas of the home that provide moisture and darkness, such as a crawl space, are most at risk for termite infestation.

Wood or Cellulose Based Material

You may be surprised to learn that termites aren’t necessarily eating the wood in your home, but rather the cellulose material that it contains. This means that any wood or wood-based products, including newspapers and other paper, are on the menu for these destructive pests. It is important to keep firewood or decaying lumber away from the home, as termites typically will prefer these items over the materials in your home first.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Termite Control?

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