What Brings Subterranean Termites Inside Homes?

While there is no one factor that can attract subterranean termites to a home, there are many common problems that can increase the likelihood of their arrival. While these dangerous pests tend to live in the ground, they will seek out wood and return it to the colony for feeding. Look around your home for these signs, and adjust them accordingly to help prevent subterranean termites infestation.

Excessive Moisture

Subterranean termites love moist environments caused by poor drainage, leaky pipes or other issues that can increase water retention around your home. If your flower beds or soil retains moisture, it could be a veritable utopia for subterranean termites. Limit the moisture both in your home and around your foundation to remove this critical resource needed for termites to flourish.

Transitionary Wood

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t want to have a long walk in the cold to get firewood. Unfortunately, storing firewood too close to your home could be an open invitation for not only termites but rodents and other pests as well. However, for termites, this functions as a transitionary wood to grant them access to your structural wood much like mulch or overgrown shrubbery.


Subterranean termites have been found to burrow deeper into the soil throughout the colder months as a way to access more warmth. For this same reason, the warmth that your home provides to termites may also be inviting them inside through small cracks and crevices in your foundation. Filling these cracks and crevices is crucial for limiting the access that termites or other pests have, especially if you have noticed termite tubes appearing around the foundation of your home as a travel route from the soil.

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