What Pests Are Responsible for Wood Damage?

The unique conditions available throughout the state of Oklahoma make it a veritable utopia for a wide variety of insect species. Unfortunately, there are many destructive pests that feed on, or utilize, the wood from your home, leading to extensive damage if not remedied. Here are some of the most common insects responsible for wood damage found throughout the states.


When looking at Oklahoma pests that can cause damage to the wooden structure of your home, it’s impossible not to talk about termites. The small insects, often confused with ants, will eat through the wood of your home, compromising the integrity of the structure. Unless the termite colony is eliminated quickly, it is likely that you will be facing extensive repair costs.

Carpenter Ants

While carpenter ants don’t eat wood, they are still capable of causing extensive damage to the wood of your home. In general, carpenter ants will establish their colonies inside galleries that they have excavated in damp or damaged wood, particularly in homes where wood has received water damage. When a colony outgrows its nest, carpenter ants will begin creating satellite colonies, further damaging the structure of your home.

Powderpost Beetles

Like termites and carpenter ants, powderpost beetles are capable of destroying wood and wood products inside your home, such as joists, flooring, and paneling. In most cases, powderpost beetles have already infested wood products before they are purchased; however, their slow development time makes detection hard until several years have passed. For this reason, infestations are commonly reported in newly constructed homes.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Termite Control?

Though termites, carpenter ants and powderpost beetles are fascinating insects, the presence of them in your home or business can cause extensive and expensive damages. If you are in need of termite control or pest control services, the experts at Emtec Pest Control are here to help! Give us a call at (918) 663-0613 or contact us today to get started!

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