Why Are Moles and Gophers Attracted to Maintained Lawns?

If you've ever had the misfortune of dealing with moles and gophers in your lawn, you've probably wondered why they seem to be drawn to maintained lawns. After all, they're small, subterranean creatures that don't need much to survive, so why would they target areas that have been carefully manicured and cared for?

The truth is moles and gophers actually prefer maintained lawns because they provide the perfect environment for their needs. For starters, moles and gophers are looking for food. Maintained lawns are usually filled with grubs, worms, and other small insects that moles and gophers feed on. They also like the fact that lawns are usually well-irrigated, which makes it easier for them to dig tunnels and burrow into the soil.

beautiful maintained lawn

Moles and gophers also like the fact that maintained lawns are usually free of large rocks and other debris. This makes it easier for them to dig and create their intricate tunnel systems. Plus, lawns that are regularly mowed can provide them with plenty of vegetation to feed on.

In addition to being attracted to the food and shelter that maintained lawns provide, moles and gophers are also drawn to the lack of predators. Cats, dogs, and other animals that might prey on moles and gophers are usually not present in areas with well-maintained lawns.

Finally, moles and gophers like the fact that maintained lawns are usually free of other burrowing animals. Without competition for food, shelter, and resources, moles and gophers feel safer in these environments.

While it can be frustrating for homeowners to deal with moles and gophers in their lawns, it's important to remember that these animals are just doing what comes naturally. With a few simple changes to your lawn care routine, you can make your lawn less attractive to these pests. Regularly mowing your lawn, removing debris, and reducing the amount of irrigation can help keep moles and gophers away.

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