Why Should You Be Worried About Termites?

For most homeowners or business owners, their property is likely the biggest investment they have ever made. Unfortunately, right this minute, a colony of termites could slowly be whittling away everything you have worked so hard for. With termite damage totaling nearly $5 billion annually, they are easily the most destructive pest you could find in or around your home.

To make matters worse, your home or property insurance plan may not even cover treatment or repair costs associated with termite damage. In most cases, insurance companies will say that it was your duty to prevent termite damage from occurring in the first place. Fortunately, homeowners can proactively watch or treat their homes to ensure termites don’t find it hospitable.

How Can You Tell If Termites Are in Your Home?

Termites will rarely leave the confines and protection of the walls inside of your home or business, making them a challenging pest to identify in most cases. In fact, homes that are infested with termites may already have extensive damage that the homeowner or business owner may not even realize. Here are some signs that termites may be eating away at your home:

  • Frass – Frass, or termite droppings, can usually be found around baseboards and walls where termite colonies have recently been active. In most cases, these termite droppings will look like small pellets with wood color. Mysterious piles of frass can indicate a serious termite problem.
  • Mud Tubes – Mud tubes are created by termites for added protection to a new food source or for exploratory purposes. Termites are very sensitive to light and will often utilize these tubes to reach new potential food sources without exposure to sunlight. Termite mud tubes can often be broken and observed to determine if they are active; if the tube is restored, it is still active for these pests.
  • Shed Wings – Termite alates, or swarmers, will shed their wings after successfully mating before starting their own colonies. Often, these wings will be a consistent size and be present around potential entry points to your home. Termite swarmer wings have the same appearance as tiny fish scales.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Termite Control?

A lot of pest control companies say they offer termite treatment. But termite treatment may not always mean termite control. And termite control does not always mean termite colony elimination. At Emtec Pest Control, we have been providing high-quality termite elimination and protection for over 35 years with the Sentricon® System. Contact us today to learn more!

At Emtec Pest Control, we are committed to safe and responsible pest control. We understand that your family’s safety is your number one priority, so we make it our priority, too. If you have any other questions about any of these pests or pest control for your home or business, contact your Oklahoma pest control experts at Emtec Pest Control by calling us or by filling out our online contact form. Our service areas in Northeast Oklahoma include Bixby, Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Owasso, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Skiatook, Stillwater, Tulsa and the surrounding areas. In Central Oklahoma, we service Edmond, Moore, Oklahoma City, Yukon and the surrounding areas. You can also connect with us on social media for more helpful pest control tips and information. We are on Facebook.-