COVID-19: How we have adapted

We have updated our procedures to keep you safe.

To ensure that our clients and employees stay safe during this time, we have implemented the following procedures.

  1. Our employees are practicing CDC guidelines on social distancing.
  2. Monthly and quarterly services are being modified to eliminate non-essential contact, in order to protect our team members and our clients. The scope of exterior work is being broadened, in order to eliminate or reduce the types of issues that normally require us to enter homes and businesses to address. If a specific issue is occurring on the interior, we will enter the home or business to address that issue, but will refrain from entering other areas of the structure where we would normally perform preventative pesticide applications - this is why the extra work on the exterior is important.
  3. As always, if a client is in between regular service visits, and experiences a pest problem inside their home or business, we ask that we are contacted to schedule a no-charge return visit so that our technician can ensure that any pest problems are successfully dealt with.

For any questions or concerns with our updated procedures, please contact us at (918) 663-0613.