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Pest Control in Bixby

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Bixby has grown substantially in recent years – and for a good reason! From the annual Green Corn Festival to the BBQ'n Blues Festival, there is no shortage of things to keep residents occupied year-round. But what about those pesky pests that can be found in the area? There's no reason for you to share space in your home or business when you partner with Emtec Pest Control for preventative pest control in Jenks.

When it comes down to it, working with a professional pest control provider is one of the best ways to ensure your Bixby home remains safe from a persistent threat of invasion. Our goal is to ensure everyone in Bixby has access to the services they need to ensure they are safe from rodent-borne diseases, expensive termite damages, or pesky ant infestations that can make a home feel a little less comfortable. No matter what pests may be present, our team has the solutions and experience to deal with them.

Not only do we eliminate the pests, but we eliminate the source.

Any homeowner or business owner looking for pest control in Bixby will benefit from reaching out to Oklahoma's most trusted extermination company. Emtec Pest Control has provided superior pest control services for various intruders since 1979, including termites, ants, spiders, scorpions, and much more! Whether your primary focus is commercial pest control services or residential pest control services, we are sure to have a plan that meets your unique needs.

Get Rid of Unwanted Pests

Contact Emtec Pest Control today to rid your home or business of any unwanted pests. Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and ready to provide you with a free whole home or business pest control evaluation. We have over 35 years of professional pest control experience serving Oklahoma and targeting Oklahoma's most problematic pests.

Common Pests in Bixby



Did you know that most rodents can slip through a hole the size of a quarter? Think about how many gaps that big could be found around your home or business right now. Even a tiny crack in the garage door can give these persistent pests quick access to a new nesting location. You don't have to provide mice or rats an open door to your home or business; let the Bixby rodent control experts at Emtec Pest Control help remove them and keep them away for good.

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Most Oklahomans aren't as scared of termites as they should be. Although small and seemingly insignificant, termites are responsible for an estimated $1 billion in damages annually. Even worse, the termite populations in Bixby and the surrounding areas benefit immensely from the humid conditions found here. This can only mean one thing – termite control in Bixby is no longer a luxury; it's a necessity. If you are ready to fight back and protect your home or business, Emtec Pest Control can help.



It's not uncommon to spot ants during a short time outdoors in Oklahoma; however, the perception of these tiny insects seems to change when they are found indoors. Whether in a home or a business, there is no denying that ants shouldn't be frequenting human-owned spaces. Suppose you are struggling to maintain an ant-free home or business. In that case, the team at Emtec Pest Control in Bixby can help identify present species and provide treatments designed to eliminate them.

Brown recluse spider


There is no denying that spiders are highly unsettling creatures. Even the ones we know to be non-venomous still can send chills down your spine. Bixby is home to many different spider species – some extremely dangerous – like the black widow and brown recluse. Whether you find harmless species or their more sinister counterparts, Emtec Pest Control can help remove them from your home or business with our Bixby spider control services.



Cockroaches are fascinating insects due to their extensive history dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Although, interesting as they may be, they often make poor guests inside homes and businesses. When German cockroaches are spotted, this can make things even more challenging. Instead of relying on DIY products that only treat the visible problem, leverage our Bixby cockroach control services to remove any species that are present and keep them from returning with our preventative pest control services.

Other Pests

Other Pests

It doesn’t take much time in Oklahoma to learn just how many creepy crawlies are lurking around – even in Bixby! At Emtec Pest Control, we have developed treatment plans to remove or eliminate countless unwanted pests, including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, scorpions, and much more. In fact, we likely have a great solution for your pest problems no matter what species is currently present. Give us a call today to start working on your customized pest control plan. We can make all your pest control problems a thing of the past.

Once confronted with a pest invasion, home and business owners have two main choices:


Travel to the local home supply store to purchase a pesticide product that may or may not work


Call Emtec Pest Control in Bixby, who will definitely get the job done

You don't want pesky pests to ruin the home or business you've worked so hard on, and neither do we. You can count on Emtec Pest Control to take the time to thoroughly inspect your entire property and create a pest control plan specifically for you. As a local business invested in our community, you can be sure we'll take the time to solve your pest problem, not just give your home or business a bunch of treatments that may or may not work.

Emtec Pest Control can Eliminate your Pests

Nothing can make a home feel less inviting than unwanted pests. Unfortunately, homeowners often don't know that pests are a problem until their population explodes and they become more apparent. When this happens, there are usually two options for removal: head to the local hardware store and purchase a DIY pesticide that might work, or seek out professional pest control in Bixby for guaranteed services.

If you are struggling with a pest infestation in Bixby, Emtec Pest Control can help. Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and ready to meet the local community's needs with a free, whole-home pest control evaluation. Our team has over 35 years of professional pest control experience targeting some of Oklahoma's most hated and difficult pests. How could you benefit from that experience when dealing with your own pest problems?

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Commercial and Residential Pest Control

Pests are rarely welcome in homes or businesses. So, why should you let them frequent yours? If you see spiders or cockroaches around your common areas, there's a good chance you don't feel as comfortable in them as you used to. This often occurs simply because you don't know what is hiding in the cracks or crevices nearby. If you feel this way, you aren't alone. The good news? Emtec Pest Control can help restore your comfort with guaranteed pest control services in Bixby.

Any time a pest is spotted indoors, it is unlikely that you will want to drive to the store to get a targeted treatment option. Even worse, you may have to get multiple products just to treat the pests you have seen. This is not only expensive, but it could be a complete waste of your time and money since these products generally only treat the visible problem. How else will they get you to keep coming back to the store?

At Emtec Pest Control, our only business is pest control. That means we take the steps necessary to remove pest populations in a home or business and provide aftercare and continued preventative treatments to ensure they don't return. The best part is that the cost isn't much more than you would expect to pay for DIY treatments at the hardware store. You also get over 35 years of experience that is only available through our Bixby pest control technicians.

If you struggle to keep pests away from your home or business, you don't have to fight them alone. Emtec Pest Control in Bixby has technicians standing by to evaluate your pest problems for FREE and recommend treatments or service options to help. We have worked hard to help this community that has given so much back to us. That's why we work to ensure complete customer satisfaction whenever possible.