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Seeing a huge spider run across the bathroom floor, discovering a trail of ants marching through the kitchen, or hearing a mouse inside the wall are all things that make homeowners uncomfortable. Once confronted with a pest invasion, homeowners have two main choices: travel to the local home supply store to purchase a pesticide product that may or may not work, or you can call in Bixby's best pest control company, Emtec Exterminators, who will definitely get the job done.

If you are looking for pest control service in Bixby you have found Oklahoma's most trusted extermination company. Emtec Pest Control has been eliminating pests like termites, ants, spiders, scorpions, and more since 1979 in Bixby and its surrounding areas like Broken Arrow, Jenks, and Sapulpa.

Contact Emtec Pest Control today to rid your home or business of any and all unwanted pests. Our technicians are licensed, experienced and ready to provide you with a completely free, whole home or business pest control evaluation. We have over 35 years of professional pest control experience serving Oklahoma and targeting Oklahoma’s most difficult pests. Get started on getting rid of unwanted pests in Tulsa by calling us at 918-251-0030 or by filling out our online contact form. You can also connect with us on social media for more helpful pest control tips and information.

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