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At Emtec Pest Control, we are Big enough to take care of your needs, Small enough to care and Motivated enough to put the two together. It’s not just about cashing your check, it’s about providing an experience that is beneficial to you and our company. This means solving your pest problems using efficient and cost effective methods with courteous and professional employees. It means being on time for our scheduled appointments so you don’t waste your time waiting for service. It’s about providing you services you need and want, not just anything we can talk you into.

We have been in business for over 35 years using these principles and we work to get better at it every day. Our owner, Roger, has always said, “You have to give a customer what they WANT before you can give them what they NEED!” We try very hard to explain our services to you so that we can do both at the same time.

The guys in the RED shirts since 1979

Emtec Pest Control provides guaranteed services for pests including Termites, Spiders, Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Rodents and several others. Our trained technicians know how to safely, efficiently and economically diagnose and treat your pest problems. Learn more about our comprehensive services!
Ants vs Termites
Although there are many differences between termites and flying ants, it can often be hard for the untrained individual to distinguish between the two. Emtec has made it a little easier for you to distinguish between the two pests.  Check out our Ant vs. Termites page for more information.
Termite Extermination and prevention has been Emtec Pest Control’s Number 1 Specialty for over 30 years. We are a Certified Sentricon Specialist for the Sentricon® System, utilizing the latest and most effective technology to keep your home safe. Have a termite problem? Give us a call for your free inspection.