Can A Dirty Home Attract Pests?

You may have heard that only dirty homes are susceptible to pests like cockroaches or rodents; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While a dirty home is likely to be more accommodating to pests, it isn’t always a tale-tell sign that they will be present. If you aren’t keeping your home clean, here are some of the ways your dirty house can attract pests.

Extensive Hiding Spaces

If you have a cluttered home, you likely are providing seemingly endless hiding spaces for pests. In particular, homes that have cardboard boxes, books, paper, and other items are particularly attractive to wide varieties of pests for the shelter they provide while breeding. If your home is cluttered, it is important to begin removing unneeded items or items that have no value to limit these hiding spaces.

Increased Food Sources

A dirty home likely provides a multitude of food sources for many different pests. For instance, paper products that are stacked around the home could be attracting silverfish, while unmopped floors in your kitchen could be providing food residue for rodents or cockroaches. Keeping a clean home and vacuuming, sweeping or mopping regularly will ensure these food sources aren’t available.

Shelter From The Elements

While pests can find shelter in even a clean home, a dirty home provides not only protection from the elements but shelter from many predators. This is most notably found with spider species that come into homes in search of other pests that they can feed on. Ants will often also find their way indoors to find shelter from the elements and a dirty home ensures they have the food sources needed to thrive.

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