Do I Have Termites or Flying Ants?

Many homeowners are unaware that they have a termite problem until they start seeing swarms of flying insects, although not all flying insects are termites and could be another pesky pest like ants. The experts at Emtec Pest Control are trained to know the differences between termites and flying ants based on a few distinct characteristics. 

As mentioned in our previous ants or termites guide, we explained the unique differences in antennae, waist, and wings. If you find a winged pest, this information could help determine what pest you are dealing with and provide some guidelines for their removal. But do you really want to leave the protection of your home to an educated guess and some pest control products from the hardware store? When you partner with the experts at Emtec Pest Control, you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is protected from termites and flying ants 24/7. 

Differences Between Termites and Flying Ants 

Although the size of termites and flying ants can make it harder for a homeowner to distinguish between the two, a lot of information can be gathered quickly by simply looking at their most prominent features. For example, a termite alate will often have four wings affixed to their abdomen that they will shed near windowsills or other entry points after successfully mating. Like termite alates, carpenter ants also have four wings; however, they are not as uniform as their termite counterparts. 

In addition to wing differences, termite alates have straight antennae that can easily be identified upon close inspection. However, flying ants will often have curved antennae that are also noticeable when viewed closely. Knowing these characteristics can help homeowners preemptively determine whether they are dealing with termites or flying ants before contacting a pest control provider. If they are still unsure, working with a professional is paramount for removing or eradicating the pests. 

Both termites and flying ants are capable of causing damage to the structures that they inhabit – this is particularly true for carpenter ants that burrow into wood. No matter which type of insect you are dealing with, it is vital to seek a professional pest control provider’s assistance to restore a sense of normalcy and protect your most valuable assets. The Emtec Pest Control team is a partner you can trust to keep your home or business safe – no matter what insects you may find. 

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