Do You Really Need Winter Pest Control?

Throughout the cold months, it can seem like pest activity around your home slows down drastically. While this may lead many homeowners to stop preventative pest control service, there are many reasons why this leaves your home vulnerable to pest infestation. If you are considering investing in winter pest control services, there are many different reasons why it will likely be a good idea to protect your home from the threat of potential pests.

One of the easiest ways for homeowners to avoid potential pest problems is to treat areas of their homes that aren’t typically frequented throughout the year. This includes inspecting attics, basements, and crawlspaces for pests and removing them or treating them if they are found. Through this time of year, rodent activity can be particularly troublesome throughout these areas of the home because of the warmth and seclusion they provide.

Eliminating spider webs throughout the winter can also limit the chances of spiders re-nesting inside of your home once warmer temperatures begin to arrive. This is also a great time to treat the perimeter of the home and any areas spiders have frequented previously to ensure they don’t return. Some spider species will still be active throughout the winter and treatments can be effective in removing them from your home.

If you have considered stopping your preventative pest control services throughout the winter, we hope this blog has helped you start to rethink your decision. Preparing now for pests that will arrive in the spring when temperatures begin to rise is critical for keeping your home pest-free. If you need assistance, contact the experts at Emtec Pest Control to determine the best preventative pest control plan for your needs!

Why Emtec Pest Control for Tulsa Pest Control?

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