Don’t Let Moles and Gophers Destroy Your Oklahoma Lawn

If you're staring at unsightly mounds and tunnels across your Oklahoma lawn, moles and gophers may be the culprits. These burrowing pests can turn a once pristine yard into their personal playground.

Our webpage zeroes in on effective strategies for reclaiming your green space from these subterranean invaders. Discover Emtec Pest Control's expert solutions—read on for a pest-free lawn!

Understanding the Threat

Understanding the threat posed by moles and gophers is crucial for maintaining a beautiful Oklahoma lawn. These stealthy critters can turn your green oasis into a patchwork of tunnels and mounds, wreaking havoc on plant roots and soil stability beneath the surface.

Identifying Moles and Gophers

Moles and gophers might look like they're having a blast in your Oklahoma yard, but for homeowners, it's no laughing matter. Figuring out which critter you've got is key to reclaiming your green space.

Moles usually rock a grey or dark brown coat and are about 6 to 8 inches long. Their fur feels soft like velvet, and they have special feet for digging that look like paddles. With tiny eyes and ears, moles aren't easy to spot – but their handiwork is: just look for the raised lines zigzagging through your grass where they've tunneled.

Gophers are more of the hide-and-seek type; they dig down deeper (about a foot under) and are bigger than moles. They push up little hills of dirt while making their underground rooms.

These guys wear a brown or tan fur jacket and sport huge cheek pouches perfect for hauling snacks—keep an eye on areas near plant roots since those spots get hit by gopher snack attacks often.

If you go after the grubs in your soil, you'll make it way less appealing to these unwanted guests who love munching on earthworms and beetles too—paving the way for lush grass without any uninvited mole or gopher guests.

Mole in the garden
Gopher in a hole looking curiously

Damage they cause to lawns

Moles and gophers can wreak havoc on your well-manicured Oklahoma lawn with their relentless burrowing activities. These underground pests are not just a nuisance; they pose serious threats to the health of your grass and plants.

Their relentless digging in search of prey like earthworms or grubs disrupts root systems, causing unsightly brown patches and uneven ground. The raised ridges and molehills left behind interrupt the aesthetic appeal of your landscape and make for treacherous walking conditions.

The disruption doesn't stop at surface damage; these burrowing animals can also sever cables, damage sprinkler systems, and undermine weak home foundations if left unchecked. This could lead to more than just an unattractive lawn—it may result in costly repairs down the line.

Your lush, irrigated Tulsa lawns inadvertently provide an ideal environment for these pests' survival but managing maintenance tasks such as mowing, removing debris, and optimizing watering schedules makes your yard less enticing to them.

Moving beyond lawn damage, let's explore how Emtec Pest Control approaches mole and gopher control through thorough inspection procedures next.

Our Services for Mole and Gopher Control

At Emtec Pest Control, we understand the havoc that moles and gophers can wreak on your Oklahoma lawn; our specialized services are crafted to tackle these elusive pests head-on. Our team employs strategic measures tailored to secure your outdoor space from further intrusions, ensuring a thriving, pest-free yard.

Thorough inspection and assessment

Uncovering moles and gophers on your property can be worrisome. A thorough inspection is performed to understand the issue's scope and create a customized plan that fits your specific needs.

  • The process starts with an in - depth look at your land for signs of mole or gopher activity, such as peculiar mounds or tunneling.
  • Specialists scrutinize the patterns of movement to pinpoint exactly which species are invading—be it voles, pocket gophers, shrews, or other digging critters.
  • An assessment is made on how much harm has been done to your grass and garden space by checking plants for stress signals or subterranean disturbances.
  • By drawing on expertise about pest habits and life cycles, possible entry points are identified along with zones of intense activity to craft an efficient attack plan.
Hole in lawn
  • State-of-the-art tools are used to map out the infestation thoroughly so that no part of the yard goes unchecked.
  • The unique environmental aspects of Oklahoma yards that might lure these creatures in or support their nesting activities are taken into account during evaluation.
  • Particular attention is given to spotting any favorable conditions for pests; this helps provide advice on making changes that could minimize future issues.

Safe and effective removal methods

Safeguarding your Oklahoma lawn from moles and gophers is crucial for maintaining its beauty and health. At Emtec Pest Control, we deploy a variety of proven strategies to remove these burrowing pests safely and effectively without compromising the safety of your family and pets. Here's how we tackle the problem:

  • Initial Inspection: We begin with a free thorough inspection to pinpoint the exact nature of your mole or gopher issue.
  • Setting Traps: Our team strategically places gopher traps in active tunnels after our in-depth assessment, planning their locations to maximize capture success.
  • Baiting Techniques: Using baits that are specially designed for moles and gophers, we attract them away from your lawn areas needing protection.
  • Employing Castor Oil Treatments: As part of integrated pest management (IPM), we apply castor oil-based repellents to disturb the food source and habitat, encouraging pests to relocate naturally.
Flag markers showing the position of newly set mole traps
  • Utilizing Gopher Baskets: For plants at high risk, we install gopher baskets around the roots to provide a physical barrier against these burrowing animals.
  • Regular Monitoring: After initial removal efforts, our team conducts ongoing monitoring to ensure no new activity occurs.
  • Exclusion Tactics: To prevent future infestations, we recommend and implement various exclusion techniques aimed at deterring moles and gophers from returning.
  • Educating Homeowners: We share actionable guidance with clients on landscape practices that deter pests, enhancing their sense of empowerment over pest management.

Prevention and exclusion techniques

Keep Moles and Gophers at Bay with Safe Removal Methods

  • Surround Your Yard with Underground Fences: To keep moles and gophers from coming back, put in fences designed to go below the surface. These barriers act as a strong line of defense.
  • Guard Plants with Gopher Baskets: Wrap your plants' roots in wire meshes known as gopher baskets. This lets plants grow while keeping out unwanted visitors.
  • Spread Castor Oil-Based Repellents: Moles and gophers dislike the smell of castor oil. Use granules or liquids containing this oil to create an environment they'll want to avoid.
  • Raise Your Flower Beds: When you raise your flowers above ground level, it's harder for burrowing critters to get through, making them less likely to invade your garden.
Laying lawn an anti-mole netting
  • Put Metal Barriers Below Ground: Laying down metal sheets underneath can block tunnels and stop moles and gophers from digging through.
  • Reduce Grub Populations for Less Attraction: By cutting down on grubs, which are a mole's favorite snack, you make your yard less tempting for them. Choose between natural methods or pesticides for grub control.
  • Use Traps Wisely Where Allowed: Set traps in specific locations if trapping is legal where you live. Make sure to follow all local rules regarding wildlife capture.

Benefits of Professional Services

Engaging a professional pest control team like Emtec Pest Control goes beyond just addressing the immediate nuisances; it encompasses a holistic strategy to bolster lawn health and ensure lasting tranquility.

Our expertise not only eradicates unwelcome burrowers but safeguards your outdoor space against future invasions, giving you confidence in the resilience of your Oklahoma lawn.

Moles and gophers can wreak havoc on your pristine lawn, creating a network of tunnels and heaps of soil that ruin its appearance. But don't worry, there are effective strategies to protect your landscaping efforts.

Setting up exclusion barriers or placing specially designed baskets around your most treasured plants can form a strong line of defense against these digging critters. Using metal shields and constructing elevated garden beds are also reliable ways to shield the beauty of your outdoor space.

Applying consistent treatments like targeting grubs in the dirt can make your yard less appealing to these unwanted visitors. Many homeowners have had luck with natural deterrents like castor oil or peppermint oil, which interfere with the keen sense of smell that moles rely on, persuading them to stay away from beneath your turf.

Keeping moles and gophers at bay not only maintains the aesthetic charm of your landscape but also helps you avoid the safety risks associated with uneven ground caused by their burrowing activities.

Why Choose Us for Mole and Gopher Control?

At Emtec Pest Control, we're more than just exterminators; we're your dedicated partners in maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn free from the disruptions of moles and gophers. Our blend of expertise and personalized care sets us apart, ensuring your outdoor space remains a source of pride rather than a battleground for burrowing pests.

Experienced and certified pest control experts

Our expert team boasts certifications that highlight their prowess in handling mole and gopher problems with finesse. With a wealth of experience under their belts, these specialists are committed to delivering first-rate service to homeowners seeking relief from pesky intruders.

These experts don't just show up; they arrive armed with an intricate understanding of mole and gopher habits, which is key to addressing the issue swiftly.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology coupled with time-tested methods, our team formulates personalized treatment plans designed for your unique lawn needs. The mission goes beyond merely eliminating current pests; it encompasses implementing defensive strategies to ward off potential future disruptions.

Entrusting your pest concerns to these savvy professionals means securing your Oklahoma property from the havoc moles and gophers can wreak while ensuring the safety of both familial life and pets on your scenic grounds.

Customized treatment plans

Building on the knowledge and expertise of our certified pest control experts, we offer tailored treatment plans that adapt to each unique lawn situation. Emtec Pest Control understands that no two mole or gopher problems are the same; therefore, cookie-cutter solutions just won't do.

Our team takes the time to carefully evaluate your specific issue during a free inspection. We use this information to design a strategy that targets your pests effectively while keeping your family's safety as our top priority.

Each plan employs proven removal methods, combined with prevention strategies that deter these burrowing animals from returning. Whether you're dealing with geomys bursarius tunnelling through your garden or mice nesting near your home, our personalized approach ensures thorough control and long-term protection for your Oklahoma lawn without turning it into a battlefield.

With us at the helm, homeowners can rest assured their outdoor spaces are in good hands without ever stumbling upon unexpected safety hazards.

Guaranteed results

Feel at ease knowing your battles with moles and gophers are over due to our promise of effective results. Our confidence is so strong that we offer extra assistance if these digging nuisances manage to find their way back into your yard.

Our expert team is skilled in not just handling, but completely resolving vole, mole, or gopher troubles. You can rely on us to keep these uninvited critters from ruining the peace of your garden.

Our commitment to you doesn't stop once the pests are gone; expect exceptional ongoing support and advice that's readily available through a simple click online or a direct phone call.

Looking ahead: Expect unparalleled customer service that makes sure residents return for any pest issues they encounter!

Quality customer service

Get the effective mole and gopher control you need without the fuss. Top-notch customer service makes your pest management experience as smooth as possible. Our experts listen to what you have to say, answer your questions, and provide clear explanations from start to finish.

Homeowners can rely on us for advice or help whenever it’s needed, ensuring that dealing with burrowing pests doesn’t become more troublesome than necessary.

We take pride in understanding every individual homeowner's situation. You deserve focused attention and customized solutions aimed at resolving your specific lawn problems. Getting support from our team means experiencing respect, prompt replies, and excellent communication during each step – these are essential aspects of superior customer service we stand by.

Reach out for a consultation and discover how simple it can be to overcome moles and gophers with the aid of a dedicated professional by your side.

Contact us for a consultation

Noticing signs of mole or gopher activity in your lawn can be unsettling. Your perfectly landscaped yard deserves the best defense against these burrowing critters. At Emtec Pest Control, we understand the frustration and are ready to offer our expertise.

Our free mole and gopher inspection is a starter for Oklahoma homeowners looking to regain control over their lawns.

Seeking professional advice is just a click away—visit our website from your browser, where ease meets efficiency. With just a few details, schedule a consultation with our experts who stand by to craft customized solutions that protect not only your green space but also bring back your peace of mind.

No need for guesswork; let's handle those pesky invaders together!


  • 1. What are moles and gophers, and why are they a problem for Oklahoma lawns?

    Moles and gophers are burrowing animals that can damage your lawn by creating tunnels under the ground. This can ruin the look of your grass and make the ground unstable.

  • 2. How do I know if I have moles or gophers in my yard?

    If you notice mounds of dirt or raised ridges on your lawn, you probably have moles or gophers living underground. These signs mean it's time to take action to protect your lawn.

  • 3. Can I use cats to keep moles and gophers away from my Oklahoma lawn?

    Yes, cats can help control mole and gopher populations because they're natural predators. Having a cat around might scare these pests off or even catch them!

  • 4. Are there any effective ways to stop moles and gophers from ruining my lawn?

    Absolutely! You can set traps, use repellents designed for these burrowing animals, or hire professionals who specialize in removing them safely from your property.

At Emtec Pest Control, we are committed to safe and responsible pest control. We understand that your family’s safety is your number one priority, so we make it our priority, too.

If you have any other questions about any of these pests or pest control for your home or business, contact your Oklahoma pest control experts at Emtec Pest Control by calling us or by filling out our online contact form.

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