Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

common house spider

It is possible to have spiders in your home at any time of the year. However, they are often most visible in autumn. The dark and colder days are responsible for the annual migration of spiders from our gardens to our homes. This migration is often harmless, and you barely see them. If their presence starts to annoy you, it is essential to know that getting rid of arachnids entirely is not realistic. Still, you can minimize their population by making it less inviting.

Most spiders are beneficial for pest control and pose no threat to humans. However, these characteristics don't mean they make the best of companions. If you don't want to share your home with an eight-legged friend, this article will give you some natural and harmless tips to get rid of them.

Below are some natural ways to keep spiders out of your home that we recommend.

Natural Spider Repellents

There are various natural repellents you probably already own that are known to scare spiders away successfully. While natural repellents do have their place, they likely won't provide the same level of support that can be obtained from a professional pest control provider like Emtec. From citrus to nuts, here are some of our favorites that our clients have used successfully in the past.

  • Vinegar: Spraying vinegar around the house can serve as organic pest control solution, particularly for spiders. It contains an acetic acid that gives a sour taste and odor that spiders are highly sensitive to. To use, mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and spray them around your kitchen and any entrances where bugs could come inside.
  • Citrus: Citrus causes the same effects as vinegar on spiders. Just having a bowl of citrus fruits on your counter will do, but if you want to do more, let oranges peels soak in vinegar and then mix the infusion with water to spray around the house.
  • Cinnamon: Like citruses, spiders despite the smell of cinnamon. You can use some oil or find scented candles to expand the smell around the house and keep them outside.
  • Mint: Mint is also hated among many spider species. A good technique is spraying peppermint essential oil that has been diluted with water around your house and any entrances. Another approach is planting some mint leaves outside, near your entryways to prevent these pests from even entering your home.
  • Horse Chestnuts: Placing horse chestnuts on windowsills and baseboards will keep spiders from hanging out there for an extended period of time. Just remember that these nuts are inedible, although they may contain noxious chemicals for spiders.

Other Alternatives

  • Keep Your House Clean: Spiders like two things, hiding and eating bugs. An excellent way to reduce the spider population in your home is to eliminate their hiding spots by keeping your house neat. Try reducing the number of cardboard boxes around. Instead, opt for plastic storage containers. Also, make sure not to leave any dirty areas, take out the trash, do the dishes regularly, and avoid leaving piles of trash/dust lying around by dusting and vacuuming regularly.
  • Seal Your Walls: Spiders and many other pests can get into your house if you have unfilled cracks. Check any door openings, windowsills, and walls to make sure there are no cracks visible. If there are, use some caulking to seal everything up and ensure no pest can get in.
  • Take care of your landscaping: Clean your home’s exterior to remove any leaves, grass clippings, woodpiles, or other possible insect hideouts. This will help decrease some of the other insect populations that spiders hunt for that could draw them closer to your home.
spider web

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If you are still struggling to control spider populations around your home, it is vital to seek the help of a professional. Whether it's Brown Recluse, Black Widows, or just the occasional invaders, our skilled technicians who have years of spider-control experience know just what your home needs to keep the spiders under control. No matter what spiders you are seeing, contact us or call us to learn what is possible!