Strange Noises in the Attic? It Might Be Pests!

With winter in full swing, homeowners may be experiencing new and unexplained pest problems inside their homes. While colder temperatures can cause your home to shift and adjust, the frigid air may not be the only thing making noise in your home. If you are hearing unexplained tapping or other sounds coming from your ceiling, it could signify the presence of unwanted pests.

Most homeowners will typically use their attic as a storage space to hide holiday decorations, family antiques and other items that aren’t used on a consistent basis. However, because these areas are rarely entered by a home’s inhabitants, they make the perfect retreat for a wide variety of pests looking to wait out the winter months. In this article, we will look at some of the common pests that could be hiding in your attic and help you determine if professional help may be needed.

What Are Common Attic Pests?

In most cases, the pests you will find in your attic will be drawn to the packing materials and safety that this secluded area provides. Small intruders will typically gain entry into your attic through vents or other openings that may be present on the roof. However, you might be surprised to find some larger pests lurking about if they have a way to get inside.

Some common pests that you will find in the attic of a home include mice, rats, squirrels, bats, and raccoons. However, other smaller pests like cockroaches, spiders, wasps or cluster flies can also take advantage of these locations. With the wide variety of pests that could be waiting out the cold temperatures above your head, it is important to contact a pest control provider at the first sign of problems, including unexplained noises.

Why Are Attic Pests Dangerous?

While the presence of a few pests may not seem like a big deal, a small problem can quickly become a large one. For instance, rodents and bats are able to reproduce quickly once their nest has been established. This can lead to a major infestation that can’t be resolved as easily as it could have been initially.

Even more troubling, pests like raccoons can be very defensive when they feel threatened. Paired with the chance of them carrying rabies or other diseases, both you and your pets could be at risk just by having them in the same structure. If you think a raccoon may be in your attic, work closely with a pest control provider to remove them safely as soon as possible.

Attic pests can also cause extensive damage to your structure and electrical wiring if given the opportunity to remain. As rodents, raccoons and other pests begin building their nests, they will begin chewing through insulation and other building materials. While it may not seem like a big deal if only a small number is present, fast reproduction rates can exacerbate the problem quickly.

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