Preventing Ticks in Your Yard

Preventing Ticks in Your YardWith the amount of rain we have been receiving across Oklahoma this season, it has been hard for homeowners to keep their mowing habits up with the growth of the grass. When grass gets too high, it could provide the perfect home for a variety of unwanted pests. Perhaps the most alarming is ticks. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can proactively prevent ticks from finding a new home in your yard to ensure your family and pets stay safe.

Mow Regularly

Although it can be incredibly hard to mow when the ground is still wet, it is an important facet in the fight against ticks. If possible, mow at a higher cutting level or mow before storms arrive to ensure your grass has room to grow. If the grass was already high before you mowed it, it may be a good idea to dispose of clippings instead of letting them sit.

Cause Discomfort

Like other insects, ticks have to migrate into your yard in order to take root. Fortunately, homeowners can capitalize on this behavior by causing potential ticks discomfort before they even arrive. One way to do this is by adding gravel or wood chips around your landscaping to create a buffer zone that irritates the feet of ticks. Once in place, you will be far less likely to become a target of these persistent pests.

Store Wood Properly

Now that winter is over, you likely have a surplus of wood sitting around your home that wasn’t used in your firepit or fireplace. With recent rains, there's a good chance that these wood piles have retained moisture which is essential for the survival of ticks. Ensure that your wood is neatly stacked in a sunny area to encourage it to dry out and eliminate a potential home for ticks.

Why Emtec Pest Control for Tick Control?

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