Are Rodents Really That Bad in Oklahoma?

Are Rodents Really That Bad in Oklahoma?Throughout the autumn months, one of the most destructive pests homeowners will typically see are mice that are attempting to build nests indoors for the upcoming colder months. While rodents may look cute in a pet store, the ones you find inside of attics or your garage are unfortunately much different. All pests have their own qualities that make them unwanted inside of homes. But are rodents really that bad in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is home to a wide variety of rodent species including House Mice, Norway Rats, Field Mice and Roof Rats. Like other rodent species, the ones found across the state will enter homes and live inside the walls or attic, damaging wiring and other building materials to ensure their nests are completed. However, this isn't the only concern that homeowners or business owners should have if they find rodents are cohabitating with them.

Working with a pest provider to actively keep rodents and other fall pests outside of your home will ensure you don't have any unwanted pest guests during the upcoming holidays. Our Preventative Pest Control Program consists of an initial service that is tailored to rapidly eliminate the specific pest or pests that have invaded your home, followed by bi-monthly follow-up services to keep these nuisances from being able to move back in. If you are struggling with rodents in Oklahoma or just need a hand keeping them from getting inside, the experts at Emtec Pest Control are here to help!

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