Does Frost Kill Pest Populations?

Does Frost Kill Pest Populations?There's a common misconception that the first frost will make pests die off until the warmer seasons return. While this may seem like sound logic for anyone that has grown tired of the nagging mosquitoes ruining their last days of nice weather, it isn't always the case. Even recently freezing overnight has spawned comfortable temperatures of over 60°F, leading these same mosquitoes to seemingly rise from the grave. So, does frost actually kill pest populations?

While a quick frost can wipe out some pest populations, the gradual changes in temperature that are required to get there are often a good signal for these insects to find a more suitable place to spend the winter. In fact, this is one of the reasons that fall pest control services are so important if you want to maintain a pest-free home during the holidays. Just because it has gotten cold doesn't mean the pests aren't still there! They have just adapted to the new environment.

Many different pests will begin digging deep into the ground to use the soil as an insulation barrier to protect them from the dropping temperatures. To achieve this, many pests will burrow to create underground caverns that are then sealed with a natural plug of dirt or rocks to limit cold air that can come in. This is a common practice for both ants and other yard pests like moles or voles that will predominately live outdoors.

Now that the cold weather is finally sticking around across Oklahoma, it's important to ensure your home is protected from the variety of pests that are looking for a new home. Since the weather has fluctuated recently, it has given rodents and other pests ample warning that the winter is nearly here. Let the pest control experts at Emtec Pest Control help keep them out of your home or business with guaranteed removal and extermination services.

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